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What We Believe | Lighthouse Baptist Church

What We Believe

Statement of Faith

The Bible is the infallible Word of God, verbally inspired, reliable in science, history, and every other matter it discusses, as God gave it in the original manuscripts. It is to be our sole guide in faith and practice.

Jesus is God, one with the Father and the Holy Spirit, conceived by the Holy Ghost. He was born of a virgin, lived without sin, died on the cross for our transgressions, arose bodily from the dead, and ascended into Heaven.

Man was created in the image of God, not by evolution, but by the direct act of God. Since Adam’s sin, all are sinners and can only become the Sons of God by being born again.

Salvation is a gift of God received on by faith in Christ and is not of works.

The sinner is immediately saved and receives everlasting life when he accepts the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour and shall not come into condemnation as a lost sinner.

The saved shall live eternally with Christ and those who died without trusting Him as Saviour will enter into everlasting punishment in hell.

The Holy Spirit convicts sinners and dwells in the Christian to guide, to comfort, to make fruitful and powerful. Each Christian is filled with the Holy Ghost and the evidence of the filling is not sinless perfection, or speaking in tongues, but the soul-winning power promised in Acts 1:8.

A New Testament church is a local body of baptized believers, independent of every other earthly body, following the Bible alone and being led by the Holy Ghost in conducting its affair. Its officers are the pastor and deacons elected by the church.

Bible baptism is the burial of the Believer in water, which pictures the burial and resurrection of Christ and the believer’s death to sin and resurrection to a new life. All saved people should be baptized.

Christians should constantly watch for the personal, bodily, literal, pre-millennial return of Christ.

The work of the church is soul-winning, baptizing converts, and teaching the Bible. It should reach every person possible. A church has no obligation to follow in its works any plans submitted from outside the local church, or to cooperate in any work except as the church decides.

Denominational bishops, secretaries, conventions, boards, conferences, and presbyteries, not being authorized by the Bible, have no authority, legal or moral, over any New Testament church, its officers, or members.

The support of a soul-winning, Bible-teaching ministry should be supplied through the tithes and free-will offerings of God’s people. Tithes should be brought to the storehouse.

Christians should be careful to maintain good works, to grow in grace, and in knowledge of Bible and faith. They should especially pray for and help weak Christians, win souls, withdraw from those who persist in walking disorderly, live in separation from sinful amusement, and work by the help of the Holy Spirit.